TD Bank Group

Night for Rights Partner Sponsor

TD Bank Group's corporate responsibility is one of environmental, social, and community advocacy. As the chief executive of TD, Bharat Masrani, puts it: “To grow our business, we must grow our people. TD leaders have a deep and profound obligation to help all our people reach their full potential. We are dedicating more resources to do just that, so our people can make even more meaningful contributions to our business and brand.” 

 In their 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report, TD underscores how economic growth and environmental stewardship are complementary. And TD looks beyond fiscal investments to make sure their community involvement and outreach is concretely making an impact. Since 1967, TD has aided Indigenous communities in Canada. The bank believes that corporate Canada can lead change through education, employment and economic development initiatives. As such, TD’s call to action aligns directly with JHR’s Indigenous Reporters Program, which seeks to aid and train journalists and media outlets in remote Northern Ontario communities.

TD is also JHR’s bank of choice, and has provided banking services since 2002, when the non-profit started. Says JHR’s Financial Advisor Courtney Chan, of the Queen and Spadina branch: “I have been working with the organization for about 7 years now, starting with the founder, Ben Peterson.  I've been extremely honored to have the ability to work with such a noble cause and I know that the work that is being done at JHR is making a difference.”