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Global News is an international, Canadian independant broadcasting agency whose primary objective is to report accurate, balanced, timely and comprehensive news and information in the public interest. Their coverage ranges from small canadian communities to deep investigations of complex world issues. Global News provides content that is accessible via radio broadcasting, in print and online -- through video, text, photographs and interactive features.  

Global News has been a strong and long time supporter of JHR. Troy Reeb, Senior Vice-President of Global News has been on JHR's Board of Directors for 5 years.

As head of news and local broadcasting for Corus Entertainment, Troy Reeb oversees 39 radio stations, 15 conventional television stations, the BC-1 all news specialty channel, and Troy currently serves on the board of Journalists for Human Rights and says: “JHR is successful because it is nimble, moves quickly and is wholly focused on supporting journalism as a tool for human rights and democratic development.” In a world where press freedoms seem ever more tenuous, JHR’s mission is more vital than ever.”

Thank you Global News for your continued support of JHR!