Paul Barnsley, of APTN, 2016 JHR Award in Human Rights Reporting Recipient. 

JHR Award for Achievement in Human Rights Reporting

Journalists for Human Rights celebrates journalists who have made a significant contribution to human rights journalism.

JHR defines human rights journalism as coverage that directs attention to key human rights issues, in a way that triggers significant positive impact.

JHR's Inaugural Human Rights Reporting Award in 2015 went to Christiane Amanpour of CNN. She was recognized for her brave and courageous work, and relentless commitment to principles of human rights. 

In 2016, we recognized Paul Barnsley of Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Paul was recognized for his extraordinary achievement ensuring the voices and stories of Indigenous peoples in Canada are integral to the national conversation.

This year, the award winner will receive public recognition, a trophy, a cash prize, and the opportunity to participate on a JHR trip to an existing JHR project of their choice.

This year, to mark our 15th anniversary of putting human rights in the headlines worldwide, we are soliciting nominations from around the world.

Criteria: the award is for achievement, and the individual or team nominated must have played a key role ensuring that human rights are front and centre of coverage. Further, through that person or team’s coverage, those who have historically been left out of important public conversations about issues that affect them are able to take their place, make their voices heard, and positive change has happened as a result of that work. Please nominate your contender, or nominate yourself, using the form below.

All submissions will be reviewed by JHR's award committee, and a shortlist announced two weeks before the gala. The award will be presented to the winner on October 5 at Night for Rights.

JHR has also partnered with the National News Media Council to present an award for JHR/National NewsMedia CouncilFraser MacDougall Award for Best New Canadian Voice in Human Rights Reporting. Read more or, nominate someone here