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Accenture is committed to helping our clients solve their most significant challenges, and improving the way the world works and lives. This year, Accenture teamed up with JHR and redesigned our digital platform for our Indigenous Reporters Program, with the help of Accenture Interactive’s global design and innovation consultancy, Fjord. Thanks to their incredible help, reporters can now easily access critical and fundamental journalism training, and overcome connectivity issues in remote communities, not only in Canada but anywhere in the world! We spoke with Theresa Ebden, Canadian Director of Media Relations, on why this collaboration matters, and the change it's already had on Canadian Media! 

Why is supporting JHR’s programs important to Accenture?

Accenture uses technology to improve employment and entrepreneurship outcomes at scale with our Skills to Succeed initiative which aims to equip more than 3 million people around the world with the skills to get a job or build a business by the end of 2020. In Canada, we have teamed with JHR and our Accenture Interactive design and innovation consultancy in Toronto, Fjord, to re-imagine JHR’s platform to support the Indigenous Reporters Program, and to address the connectivity challenges that are a reality of living in Canada’s most-remote communities.  

JHR is committed to supporting and educating journalists to cover human rights stories objectively and effectively. Accenture is committed to using its global capabilities and digital experience to help drive innovative solutions for organizations. How do these two mandates connect?

Accenture is known for its focus on having the right skills in the right place at the right time, and when it comes to supporting JHR’s media development projects, we saw an opportunity to empower the existing programs using an online learning and story pitching portal. Regardless of where a JHR-trained journalist is, they can access, and to date, this free digital learning platform has trained hundreds of Indigenous peoples across Canada in fundamental journalism skills. The site is updated continuously, with a renewed curriculum slated for release this spring, and will help train 100 indigenous people each year with the skills to become professional journalists and drive media-literacy programs in these remote communities. It’s a powerful tool that came together as a result of our shared goals around skills and community investment.

We know that the media sector, in countries that have press freedom, can be hugely influential and powerful. What is the social responsibility of companies like Accenture in promoting media development and media skills?

Globally, we are committed to investing in the communities in which we work and live. We operate in 120 countries, and we believe in optimizing our use of technology to accelerate the reach of our Skills to Succeed partners such as JHR with job seekers and entrepreneurs. In the case of JHR, we are proud to help further their mandate and drive real results when it comes to fostering media skill development within Indigenous Canadian communities. There are some strong results to date: in the last two years, JHR’s Indigenous Reporters Program and our portal have helped place 23 Indigenous media interns with mainstream media outlets – and 18 of the 19 who have completed their internship have continued to work full time in the media sector. The platform also supports professional development workshops for newsrooms and journalism programs across Canada on how to report more effectively on indigenous communities, which includes providing historical and cultural context, as well as best practices, when reporting.


Theresa Ebden

Accenture's Canadian Director of Media Relations

“Accenture is proud to support JHR through our Skills to Succeed initiative, and we continue to support JHR’s media skills development programs for Indigenous Canadians.”

Thank you to Accenture for your ongoing support!